Nov 10, 2009

Say No To WFP

We have frequently heard about the United Nations World Food Program (WFP). WFP supplies food (rice, pulse and now even potatoes) to the remote districts of Nepal and in the World, where enough food cannot be grown for the whole year. This program supplying food for many districts of Nepal in the Name of Food For Work from East to West.
Karnali Zone and its surrounding are some of those districts of Nepal where WFP supplies food. Primarily WFP is another name of "Rice" in these districts. People know WFP as a rice supplier in Karnali and adjoining areas.
Seeing surfacely, it is one of the poor based program in Karnali and elsewhere in the world. But in depth it has played a significant negative role in the livelihood, economy, food habit and ultimately in the culture of people living there. Some of these negative effect of WFP are as follows and can be seen in these pictures too.

Expensive and Less possible Transportation:
WFP is giving high rate of transportation fare to the airlines so the airlines are only interested in carrying rice rather than passengers and other good for daily use. People in those areas have to wait couple of weeks to get the chance to board to home. Similarly, businessmen in karnali are paying high rate of fare which ultimately plays a significant role in the economy of people in remote as well as the livelihood.

Dependency only on Rice:
When the readymade rice can be obtained who wants to eat something else. So people in the remote continuously forgetting their traditional food like Millet, Barley, Maiz etc.

Expensive Wage Rate:
WFP pay comparativly high for labours and people working with them so it collapse the local wage rate in the district and subsistence becomes more difficult.

Less hygeinic Food:
Last time you also heared and watched the case of Jajarkot and Rukum. Many hundreds of people died of diarrea due to the expired food which was provided by the world food progrram. This sort of cases may next time to be occur because the monitoring systme of our nation is too too poor.

Abandoning Land:
Due to the readymade rice people continuously hesitating to farm. They even dont want to cultivate the traditional crops which are farming for centuries. They prefer the rice in subsidi rather than cultivate and grow food.

And last but not least the question is "How long it Will Sustain?". Its not about 5 or 10 years, its about centuries and hundreds of centuries. Its better to motivate people to grow thir own food what can be grown and make a habit to consume them. It is very efficient and sustainable than carrying the rice and pulse via aircrafts and helicopters.

Then Why WFP for remote? Its nonesence. Just avoide it.....

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